Establishing A Supplemental Feeding Regiment With Antler Boost From DBW

Corn is more of a treat than a protein rich food source. The deer need mass amounts of these delectable kernels to get the protein they need for doe lactation numbers to rise and bucks to grow the head gear that we as hunter crave.

The team at DBW Outdoors have devised a new formula and concept for protein pellets. The key to this formula is knowing the difference between protein types. Antler Boost has figured out that by using ingredients that are high in bypass protein vs digestible protein allow the deer to get roughly 50% more out of the feed. With typical protein feed that might be 18% protein the deer might only get about 6% protein out of the feed. Because the bypass protein allows the protein molecules to bypass the rumen part of the deer stomach allowing it to get digested lower in the intestines therefore allowing the deer to take full advantage of the available protein.
Antler Boost packs an astonishing 21% protein in their feed. To put this in perspective, corn has roughly 6-8% digestible protein which at the end of the day gives the deer roughly 2-3% protein. What would you rather be feeding your herd?
Check out the below link for the Antler Boost website

I will give one word of caution. Make sure you get a feeder for these protein pellets. If they get wet they turn to mush. Luckily DBW has come out with a feeder that folds down flat and is easy to get in and out of the woods. See the below link for the Protein Gravity Feeder (450 pound) – $ 399.99

Lastly is a tip for establishing a protein feed regiment with your deer. Deer are not used to eating protein feed and will need some help finding it and acquiring the taste. One way is to start with corn and get them coming to a sight. You can then start mixing in the protein pellets until you have converted fully over to the new feed. Another way is to simply put the protein feed out mixed with a product from C’mere Deer called Corn Coat. This is an attractant that will bring the deer in from all over your property, and when I say they will devour it, they will literally devour any feed you put in on.
Check out the below link to the C’mere Deer Corn Coat

Just remember to check your local game laws before starting a feeding regiment.

Now get out there and GROW SOME BONE!!!