Zoom H1 Audio Recorder vs Rode NTG to Camera Test Footage – 01.11.15


So I have a new appreciation for external Audio Recorders. If I had been running this set up I would have had great audio on both my buck and doe harvest recovery footage from this year. That is why I am calling this a journey. You will see this post broken up in to sections so you can see the difference that the use of an external recorder and a lav mic can make to your interview spots.

I filmed this with the following equipment:

– Canon XHA1

– Rode NTG 3 Mic (used in the non edited portion)

– Zoom H1 Audio Recorder – Audio Technica MT830mW Miniature Omni Microphone (used in the edited version)

I used Adobe Premier CC to do all of the editing. I added sharpness, adjusted shadows, and color. I also used Premier CC’s Merge Clip feature to sync the audio from the Zoom H1 to the on Camera Audio from the video clip. The nice thing about this set up is that I get great ambient noise and focused sound from the animal I am trying to harvest but I can then overlay my interview audio to make it crisp. I think you find a major improvement in the footage after watching.

Please feel free to comment on this video. Lets learn together.

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