The Rack Packer – 09.09.16

The Rack Packer is the most versatile, portable, maneuverable and durable game cart you will ever get your hands on.

I don’t have an ATV so I need a creative way of easily getting game out of the woods as well as gear in and out. The Rack Packer is the perfect product for this task. First of all it lays flat for easy pack up and unpacking. If anyone has used a traditional game cart you will notice that the hardest part of using one is actually loading a dear onto the cart because of the angled construction. Because of The Rack Packer lays flat you can easily load what ever you want onto it. Along with the lay flat design it has a flip out bottom tray to insure your game or gear does not fall off the bottom of the cart. The straps that secure things to the Rack are also much heavier duty then most carts allowing you to load this up with as much or as little as you wish.

One of the coolest features of this game cart is that articulating design allowing it to easily be pulled over blown down trees, rocks or river bank edges. I even use it to pull the deer up in to the bed of my truck. Because it is built like and articulating sled you are able to pull this thing anywhere with anything on it! Check them out at: – the best $149.99 you will spend this year!


My Favorite Archery Gear for 2016 – 08.30.16

My favorite gear to take to the range. Review of the Elevation Altitude bow case, and Lakewood Products Bow File.

Elevation Altitude Bow Case
Lakewood Products Bow File
Elevation Core Field Quiver
Loc Outdoorz Bow and Bino Straps
Tactacam Cameras
Bull Dog Targets
Sony Cameras
AEE Drones and Cameras
Manfrotto Tripods
CameTV Single Gimbal
Hi-Tek Archery Stabilizers
Elite Archery Energy 35 and Elite Tour
Range-O-Matic Archery Spin Wing Flechings
Spot-Hogg Archery Products – Hogg Father Sight
HUSHPUK vibration dampeners
Bow Sticks Bi Pod
Scott Releases