Let me introduce the crew that sets out with me every year in search of trophy white tails. It take a team to be able to coordinate a successful management effort on a property and it is even better when they great guys like this.

Ben Lavallee – Founder of Frame Your Game HD and avid bowhunter. Born in VT I cut my teeth on big woods back country bucks. Although you may find golf clubs in the back of my truck they are usually next to a bag of protein feed because my real passion is growing, holding and harvesting trophy whitetails.

Justin Long – Industry professional and avid hunter Justin travels the world in search of everything from Quail to Big New Zealand Stags. Growing got his start in field hunting Mule Deer and Coyotes in vast plains of Nebraska.

Chris Williams – As passionate western PA outdoorsman, boating and fishing consumes most of his time in the spring and summer. Big bucks and football take over in the fall however some times the Steel Head reel him back in from time to time.

Mike Crawford – When we need to fill the freezer he is the guy to call. Whether it is fishing or deer season this Pittsburgh, PA native rarely leaves a tag left unpunched. Mike has been instrumental in the the land set up and maintenance of our lease properties.

Brant Gall – Brant Grew up in the hills of Butler, PA and lives for hunting, fishing and family. An accomplished stream fisherman he has recently found out how addicting bow hunting can be and has a few now mounts on his wall to show for it.

Cory Martin – An avid duck hunter he has also caught the bug for growing and harvesting big deer. Living in VT with a small deer herd makes this more difficult then in most places but it doesn’t stop him from filling his freezer.

Ed Eckman – Founder of the the former Bowhunter’s Warehouse and friends with the late great Fred Bear, Ed has spent the majority of his adult life in the Archery business. He has hunted from Maryland to Colorado, and as far Africa. He is not only passion but a source of knowledge and inspiration for the team.