I have have discovered a new passion over the last five years in filming my own hunts. As a product designer by trade and an avid hunter I found myself taking a lot of pictures and video with my phone. The natural progression was of course to better my gear and techniques as the years have progressed. Now I would like to share what I have and continue to learn about in the field video and production. Join me as I walk everyone through what it has taken thus far to film my own hunts. It has been an expensive, time consuming, frustrating yet extremely rewarding experience. Let me help you learn from my mistakes and successes. In the upcoming posts and pages I will be sharing not only my experiences but also how too videos, gear reviews, and video and photo galleries from previous hunts. I hope very much that you enjoy the content on this page and that it helps you enjoy the sport of filming your hunting and outdoor experiences. You too can bring your stories to reality on screen for everyone to see. Learn…Hunt…Share

Contact Me This is your chance to tell me how I am doing. Any feedback or suggestions would be much welcomed and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I also welcome any sample products to test out so I can review them and post them on the site. ben@frameyourgamehd.com